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Why leaving gifts for colleagues are so important

October 28, 2022
3 min read

Leaving present ideas to say a fond farewell

Saying goodbye to a coworker is a bittersweet moment. Whilst their career progression is something to celebrate, you’re sure to feel their absence – either online or in the office. Thoughtful leaving gifts for colleagues are the perfect way to recognise and thank them for all their hard work. Here are some tried-and-tested leaving presents that are sure to send them off with a smile. 

Show your appreciation

Whether your departing coworker has been with the company for a few months or many years, they’ve given you their precious time and should be thanked accordingly. After the highs and lows of working together, their efforts have been a valuable asset and deserve to be celebrated with a meaningful gift that reflects your appreciation. 

The most important thing we’ve learned when it comes to leaving gifts is to make sure your parting message feels personal. Even if you’re not sure of your colleague’s gifting preferences (our gifts with choice can help here), you should ensure your gift is accompanied by a personalised message.

Call out the best parts of their performance, the ways they championed the company values, their career highlights during their tenure – and any fond memories you have. After all their hard work, colleagues want to feel seen and appreciated as people, not just as assets, as they leave the business. A thoughtful farewell message will make sure they know they made a real difference.

Gifts to say thank you

Leaving presents that express your sincere gratitude can be as simple or as complicated as you choose – it all depends on the recipient. If they have a particular passion, lean into it. If you’re not sure what they’d like, go with a classic crowd-pleaser gift.

Our tried and tested leaving present ideas include cases of wine by Virgin Wines, and luxury food hampers by Harding Gomez. Gifts which help colleagues prepare for their next adventure, like personalised Martha Brook notebooks and stylish recycled coffee cups by Circular & Co, are a great way to say goodbye, too. 

Virgin wines, Harding Gomez hampers, martha brooks notebooks, Circular & Co recycled coffee cups

Leave a lasting impression

People and HR teams place a lot of emphasis on onboarding and welcome gifts, but in the workplace, exit interviews and leaving gifts count for a lot. A delightful farewell present will ensure your coworker leaves feeling happy and excited for their next step – as well as fulfilled by the time you spent together. 

Gifts that remind them of their team and the experiences they shared are the way to go. Think of treats that reflect your company’s traditions, like Friday night cocktails, or Monday morning muffins. If you shared a private in-joke, you might find a thoughtful token that reflects it somehow (a novelty phone charger, if they always forgot theirs, for example). 

Gifts to wow colleagues 

Longer lasting gifts are a great way to leave an impression and spark fond memories ages after your colleague has left the building. Gifts they can enjoy at home are a surefire way to please, like house plants from Bloom & Wild, or inspire their creativity with a home pottery kit by Sculpd, which will leave them with their very own creation to treasure for years to come. 

Bloom & Wild house plant, Sculpd home pottery kits

Strengthen your culture

The right leaving gift is not only a token of your appreciation, it’s also an effective way to promote a great company culture. Thoughtful gifting will make sure your colleague leaves happy and satisfied with the work they’ve done, and the company they contributed to. It also sends a message to remaining colleagues that every member of their team is appreciated.

That you care about your people throughout every stage of their career within the company – not just when they’re a new starter. 

Gifts that send a message 

Forget impersonal gift certificates, and focus on gifts that really say something.

You might choose a present that symbolises their reason for leaving, such as a Grüum luxe shave or body set for a colleague who is moving overseas, or a Hussle spa voucher for soon-to-be parents on maternity or paternity leave. By picking a gift that reflects your coworker’s upcoming change, you’re adding a meaningful touch and acknowledging their life outside of the office on a deeper level.

Or consider sending your colleague off with a thoughtful gift with choice, allowing them to pick something they really want from a carefully curated selection of sought-after presents. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to add a personal message for a gift that really makes a difference. 

Gruum shave and body sets, hussle gym & spa day, Huggg gifts with choice