Recognition with a personal touch, through thoughtful gifting

    Reward everyday contributions with gifts of appreciation, which drive happy employees and customers that stay with you.
    Join thousands of forward-thinking companies in celebrating the moments that matter
    The Challenge
    Fostering a sense of belonging that retains and motivates great talent is hard, especially in busy, front-line environments

    Gift-giving strengthens team bonds ...

    Team members become 3 times more likely to report that they feel motivated in their role (Source: YouGov)
    Individuals become twice as likely to report a strong connection with colleagues (Source: YouGov)
    Individuals become twice as likely to go above and beyond in their role (Source: YouGov)

    ... and happy teams drive results

    Improvement in staff turnover (Source: IBM)
    Increase in productivity (Source: Harvard Business Review)
    Higher profits experienced, compared with companies with weaker employee experience (Source: MIT)
    Outperformance in market value, versus the S&P (Source: Accenture)
    Give recognition budgets to everybody, or just a select few - it's flexible
    Easily manage gifting across entire organisations or small groups, making recognition moments happen in the moment and driving participation rates through the roof.
    Selecting and sharing beautiful gifts takes seconds
    Sharing a gift is as simple as sharing a gift link. However the gift is exchanged, there's no need for addresses and the recipient can choose their gift.
    Gift regularly without the graft
    Teams working offline? No problem
    Use printed recognition cards - instant, tactile recognition for teams out in the field
    Empower your people, but maintain visibility, security and compliance
    See which behaviours are being rewarded, aligned to your company values. Keep records for important P11D reporting at the year-end

    Empowering a whole organisation to put appreciation first
    • 98.5% of employees felt more empowered to recognise colleagues
    • 71.6% felt more appreciated by their manager
    • 70% more motivated at work
    “It’s been an essential tool in helping us instil a culture of recognition at Octopus EV. We love it!”
    Alys Peart
    Chief of staff, Octopus Electric vehicles

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