We exist to make thoughtful gifting simple and fun - even at scale.

    Our Story

    We started out as a gifting app where friends and family could share treats with each other to thank them for moving house or cheer them up on a bad day. Fast forward a few years, and we harnessed our gifting expertise into a platform which enables companies to leverage the power of gifting to form stronger bonds and share joy at work, too.

    From showing appreciation to your teams and colleagues to adding a personal touch to your outreach, or saying an end of year thanks to your clients, we’re here to make your personal interactions even more delightful.

    “If we fail to delight you and your recipient when gifting with Huggg, it’s on us.”
    Huggg team
    Socially conscious gift range
    Sustainable, culturally relevant, dietary observant, curated by real people.
    Delightful-to-use product
    We are committed to making every interaction with Huggg as delightful as possible. From sending gifts to receiving them, every interaction should feel delightful.
    Tech for good
    Huggg has an entire payments arm to the business focused on providing welfare and support payments and vouchers for local authorities, housing associations and charities.
    Alannah O'Rourke
    Business Development Manager
    Alice Cox
    VP Operations
    Alison Vico
    Financial Controller
    Barbara Appenzeller
    Software Engineer
    Barry Rhodes
    Tech Lead
    Becky Smith
    B2B Strategist
    Charlie Hodgson
    Business Development Manager
    Charlie Price
    Customer Support Champion
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