Make clients feel special with business gifting that feels personal

    Build loyalty and trust, and generate new leads – with high-quality gifts that are guaranteed to be appreciated.
    We simplify gift-sending for these businesses
    Don’t miss your one chance to make a great first impression
    Don’t accidentally make your prospect fill out paperwork having to declare a gift. With Huggg clients can choose whether to claim their gift – and if they don’t, you don’t pay anything.
    Schedule campaigns and know when gifts have landed
    With Huggg you can schedule and send gift notifications to arrive when they’ll have the most impact. You’ll also know when gifts have been claimed and delivered so you can follow up with each client.
    “Our people are free to use Huggg however they see fit and have felt really empowered as a result. They share their Huggg stories to our #surpriseanddelight Slack channel. This helps us to see how gifting can be most impactful in our interactions with customers and informs our long term CS strategy.”
    Hamish Wood
    Head of Customer Experience at GoCardless
    Our Brands
    Standout gifts to make clients feel special
    We’ve got something for everyone. Choose by category or set your budget, occasion or personal preference, and we’ll show you a range of perfect gifts.
    Why gifting makes good business sense.


    Rise in average customer CSat scores from gifts


    More likely to do business after receiving a promotional gift


    Say a positive brand experience would make them more likely to return

    Building human connections with their customers
    • Customers who receive a gift with Huggg have a 10% higher CSat score
    • Creating impactful surprise and delight moments for customers
    • Transforming customer experience by sending in the moment digital gifts
    “Huggg has enabled GoCardless to create seamless, ad hoc surprise and delight moments, build relationships and find a more human connection with our customers.”
    Hamish Wood
    Head of Customer Experience at GoCardless

    What can Huggg help you do?

    Whether you’re an agency seeking to wow a new client, a sales manager doing seasonal sends, or a customer-service team looking to send lots of small gifts regularly at scale, we have a plan for you.
    Plans & Pricing
    Send gifts to up to 10 people at once
    Organise and schedule gifts for up to 10 people at once. Get started straight away with no subscription.
    Manage regular gifting centrally for your business.
    All the features you need to track and manage regular gifting, or gifting to 10+ people at once.
    Empower sales and customer service teams to gift themselves.
    Empower the whole business to make their employees and colleagues feel valued.