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Engage new clients and strengthen existing relationships with thoughtful corporate gifting. 

What is client gifting?

Client or corporate gifting is a way for businesses to engage with future and current clients by sending them a thoughtful, relevant gift.

It’s been widely adopted across sales and customer service teams as a way to engage with clients or prospects, and stand out in a crowded market with a personal touch. 

Corporate gifts for clients can help with everything from building connections with new prospects, to thanking key clients for renewing their contracts.


Why is client gifting so important?

Client gifting has become an important strategy for many pioneering businesses, helping them stand out and express value to new and existing clients.

Whether you’re selling to an executive at a rapidly growing startup or a C-level member of staff at a large organisation, all sales relationships need nurturing. 

Forging human connection is a key part of client relations – and relevant, thoughtful gifts are the perfect way to bring people together.

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How to nail client gifting

Keep new and existing clients engaged by sending gifts they’ll love at strategic points during the buying cycle. 

Make a great first impression: consider sending your prospects a gift at the start of your outreach, to help increase your booked meetings conversion rates.

Reactivate their interest: if business has slowed in recent months, a well-timed gift is the perfect way to re-engage clients that have gone quiet. 

Take time to say thanks: whether you’ve just completed onboarding a new client or you’re celebrating hitting those sales targets, show your appreciation with a gift. 

Increase customer success: for customer success teams there are plenty of gifting touch points you can utilise, from snacks to accompany business reviews to milestone presents that recognise your human connection.

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Typical client gifting budgets

Budgets for corporate gifting vary depending on the context of your gift, the relationship you have with your clients, and their potential value to your business. 

From the everyday treat of a coffee to high end celebratory gift hampers, you can spend from £2.50 to over £100. The key is to ensure your gift matches the occasion.

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When to start client gifting

There’s never a bad time to bring your future and existing clients closer! 

Most businesses see an impressive ROI after establishing a client gifting programme. The longer you avoid a gifting strategy, the more likely you are to miss out on additional business that exceeds the value of regular gifts.


Where is team gifting available with Huggg

With Huggg, you can send client gifts across the whole of the UK and Europe!

We deliver to:

  1. Belgium
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Ireland
  5. Italy
  6. Netherlands
  7. Poland
  8. Spain

Client gifting ideas

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3 steps to start client gifting

All you need to do to get your client gifting sorted, simply. 
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Step 2

Pick your gifts (or allow us to!)

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