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August 23, 2022

We’ve changed for the better ✨

Show appreciation for your people in a way that feels even more delightful (and human!) than before

We’re happiest when the people around us feel great, so we’ve updated our look and feel to make gifting with Huggg even more delightful. Our new identity reflects the joy of gifting and human connection. We hope it makes sending and receiving gifts even more rewarding for you and your team members.

What's changed?

We wanted Huggg to feel as good as giving and receiving a real life gift, so we’ve changed our look from top to toe to enhance your entire experience. We’ve designed with your people in mind, so the change should feel human, uplifting and joyful. 

Say cheese!

We lead with photography on our platform to make way for a more informative and fun shopping experience.

Each product photo is handpicked to best represent our range, so you can appreciate the quality of the gifts up front, and know exactly what you’re sending. When we use lifestyle photography, we look for authentic shots and always bear representation in mind, so your people can see themselves in our gifting suggestions. 


We use illustration to tell our story and add joy to your experience. Our new style is more contemporary and simplistic – but still fun.

We’ve chosen colours that are bold and vibrant but also natural and organic; they’re hues you could see in a garden as often as on screen. This makes the palette feel soothing and warm despite its energetic brightness - a subtle reminder that Huggg moves between digital and physical realms. 

A new logo!

We wanted our logo to feel less tech and more reflective of the human connections we help make happen.

We kept the edges round to create softness, and you'll notice the gs seem to smile, just like your people when they feel appreciated. By nodding to the past with subtly retro letterforms, the type is familiar and warm – like watching an episode of your favourite show just one more time.

Why now?

Huggg has become a place where companies come to show appreciation for their people with thoughtful gifts.

From everyday treats to career-defining, thanks-for-everything rewards, we enable companies to find something their people really want, and deliver it with delight. While gifts are no substitute or replacement for a fair salary or decent company benefits, we believe they are a crucial part of the big picture for better employee experience and appreciation.

With gifts at work becoming increasingly important, we wanted to make sure gifting with Huggg felt even more delightful, so your people felt even more valued.

Our promise to you

We’ve committed to making every interaction with us as joyful as possible – or it’s on us.

This includes your experience sending a gift, right through to the way we make your recipients feel when receiving one. But the delight we keep talking about isn't just delivered in the way we look. It's the whole package.

We’re a bunch of kind and curious people who care deeply about the impact our product has on the world around us. We reflect delight in the decisions we make as a company, the brands we choose to offer on our platform, and our interactions with you and your people.

We hope this shines as you learn more about our new identity.

Check out some of our great team gifting options

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What's next?

We’ll be sharing a little more about our identity, and how we can add value to your business. 

Sign up here to get these emails (and spread more joy) or skip to peek at the platform.

What's next?

We’ll be sharing a little more about our identity, and how we can add value to your business. 

Sign up here to get these emails (and spread more joy) or skip to peek at the platform.

Check out some of our great gifting options

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