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Top 5 gifts for remote workers this Christmas

October 18, 2022
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Keep your remote workers smiling through the festivities

Following the changes to work culture since the pandemic, it’s clear that remote workers and hybrid workplaces are here to stay. That means this Christmas, many office managers will be faced with a new challenge: sourcing gifts for remote workers – as well as in-office team members. 

Whilst it offers increased flexibility, working remotely has its limitations. Team members can feel disconnected if they’re not in the office everyday, or even worse, undervalued. A thoughtful gift at the most wonderful time of year is a great way to show your appreciation, and bring a little extra sparkle to the home office this season. You’ll be surprised how far festive gifting can go to boost engagement at this busy time of year, and how much it matters to team mates you only see inside a screen.

Finding the perfect gifts for employees working from home can be tricky, but that’s where Huggg’s gifting expertise comes in. We’ve put together five bright ideas for crowd-pleasing festive gifts to bring remote workers in from the cold this winter. Read on to discover our top picks for remote team gifting this Christmas – all easily wrapped up and delivered without any help from Santa. 

Countdown to Christmas with something sweet 📆

One of the most-cherished elements of office life in winter is sharing the Christmas countdown with your coworkers. Whether your team prefers bringing out the Christmas cocktail trolley every Friday, or playing Christmas carols on the office sound system, the festive feeling in the office can be infectious. It’s not as easy to catch the Christmas spirit when you’re WFH, but gifts for remote workers don’t get more inclusive than a festive countdown calendar – so they can join in the fun and share their daily treat with the wider team.

Our advent calendar gift  includes gourmet popcorn calendars by Joe and Seph’s, sweet treats by Candy Kittens and the ever-popular Tony’s Chocolonely countdown calendar, filled with delicious slave-free chocolate.

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Green gifts to spruce up their workplace 🪴

This year, why not treat teams with a mood-boosting gift every remote employee can enjoy throughout the day: an attractive house plant gift from Bloom & Wild. Recipients can choose from a range of seasonal plants including Ferns, Snake Plants and Peace Lilies – all of which are easy to care for, and arrive packaged up in a stylish plant pot. A great gift for employees to keep their workspace looking tip top from afar, not only does a plant help to reduce stress, it also puts the home in home office for remote workers.

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Bring the party to their front door 🎉

This year, you may find that numbers for the office party are a little lower than pre-pandemic, whether that’s because employees are still feeling cautious, or just working fully remotely nowadays. If team members can’t make the Christmas shindig, help them celebrate at home with a traditional festive hamper gift – or a great big box of doughnuts to share with friends and family!

Our luxury hampers by Harding Gomez range from the Sip Back hamper packed with tipples and nibbles, to the Deluxe hamper filled with delicious drinks and gourmet delights to see them through the winter in style. Or you can’t go wrong with a classic box of 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, delivered to their door. Remote workers can choose between original glazed doughnuts, or a box of bespoke vegan recipe ring doughnuts.

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A gift to help them deck the halls 🎄

Looking for ways to include the whole team in Christmas festivities? Our mini Christmas trees from Bloom & Wild are a great way to brighten up the home office, and encourage remote workers to get creative with the Christmas decorations. Start a new office tradition by hosting an annual online tree decorating contest, so remote workers can share their fantastically festive handiwork over the next all-hands Zoom meeting. Glitter at the ready!

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Gifts with choice to make everyone feel merry 🎁

Chances are that if you’re looking for gifts for remote workers, you might not be totally clued up on their tastes and gift preferences. That’s where Huggg’s secret weapon comes in: gifts with choice. Our range includes a wide variety of food, drink, homewear, lifestyle and wellness-focused gifts which recipients can choose at their leisure – and Huggg makes it easy to search for gifts according to budget, without compromising on quality or choice.

It’s the failsafe way to ensure you’re treating employees who work from home just as well as your colleagues in the office.

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Don’t forget to treat your overseas teams 🇪🇺

This year we’re so excited to launch our range of gifts for EU delivery, so you can gift remote workers even further afield. Our selection of tried-and-tested gifts with choice for European-based teams meets the same high standard of gifts available to UK recipients, with offerings of flowers, luxury body care gift sets, brownies and more. Postage is included in the price of each gift, so you can be confident your Christmas gifts for remote workers will arrive safely without overpaying or facing additional custom charges.

Don’t delay – treat your remote teams today!

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