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The top 6 trends for Christmas gifts for staff

October 20, 2022
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We’ve put together a list of the top corporate gifting trends this season

As we come to the end of another remarkable year, the challenge to find corporate Christmas gifts for employees that reflect genuine, thoughtful appreciation is upon us again. This year we believe that festive gifting will be more influenced than ever by the cultural shifts and lifestyle factors of 2022. The best Christmas gifts for staff will fit into the gifting trends we’ve identified including sustainable gifts, personalised gifts and mindful, quality gifts. 

Now more than ever, workplaces are aware that gifts for employees boost morale. A great festive gift is more than just a material token – it’s a way to express gratitude and make employees feel valued for all their hard work. Finding the best Christmas gifts for coworkers will help foster connection and inspire engagement at a critical point in the working year.

Worried you don’t have time to look into all the latest gifting trends? Thoughtful gifting isn’t as time-consuming or soul-searching as you’d think. Thanks to our gifting research, we’ve identified 12 of this year’s most popular festive gifts (one for each day of Christmas!) that are sure to delight every member of your team. 

Gifts with choice 

Giving gifts with an element of personalisation is a smart move for companies who recognise that ‘one size fits all’ gifts can end up pleasing no one. Gifts with an element of choice make employees feel more seen and special – they demonstrate that their employer has taken the time to choose a gift they really want. Gift cards might seem like the easiest way to offer recipients some variety, but Huggg’s gifts with choice are a far more thoughtful option.

Our gifts with choice range empowers recipients to pick from popular gifts including a tipple of choice or meal kits for two, instead of just allowing them to redeem a voucher from a selection of high street stores. This opens up the gifting experience and makes it feel more thoughtful, as recipients choose from a carefully curated range of gifts, instead of using their gift card to buy something they need. 

‍Sustainable gifts ‍

We’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of requests for sustainable corporate Christmas gifts for employees in the past year or so. Not only does this sensibility apply to the gift itself, but also gift wrapping options and delivery distance. Both of these factors are taken into consideration in Huggg’s logistics model, so we reduce excess packaging and shipping mileage. 

We’re proud to apply our sustainability criteria to all the gifts we source, and our most popular sustainable gifts include reusable coffee cups from Circular & Co (made from single-use paper cups!) and personalised recycled paper notebooks from Martha Brook. The perfect way to show you care for your employees, and the planet we share.


Martha Brooks recycled notebooks

Mindful gifts

We firmly believe the best Christmas gifts for staff aren’t just a treat – they also take into consideration your employees’ wellbeing. Mindful gifts encourage recipients to be more conscious of their surroundings, and focus their attention on the present.

This thoughtful style of gifting isn’t just a passing fad, it can genuinely help promote a happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyle within your organisation.

Our wellness gifts for employees include LUSH bath duo gift sets, each containing a choice of two luxurious bath bombs packaged in a gift box with choice of message including ‘Treat Yourself’ and ‘Relax’. We also offer thoughtful gym and spa day passes, giving recipients one-off access to their chosen gym or spa with no contract or sign-up fees, so they can fit a wellness session in when and where it suits them. 

Gifts for the home

In this new world of hybrid work, people are making extra efforts with their interiors to ensure their home office feels like a comfortable, relaxed place to work. Treating hybrid and remote employees to a gift that enhances their living space is a great way to show you care – and gives them a chance to show off their gift on their next video call! Gifts for the home like houseplants from Bloom & Wild or a choice of illustrated candles from Maegen are also a much longer lasting option than a box of chocolates, so your gift sparks a moment of joy that lasts all year.

Crafty gifts 

One gifting trend to take note of when you’re shopping for best Christmas gifts for coworkers: craft-at-home gifts are on the rise. From homemade candles to do-it-yourself bath bombs, there’s something incredibly satisfying about an experiential present that encourages you to use your hands. It’s also a great way to bring employees together as they share their efforts, either online or in the office. 

If make-at-home gifts would go down a treat with your colleagues, try the pottery and Paint kits from Sculpd which lets ​​them choose their preferred varnish finish and paint colours. Or encourage green fingered folks to get creative with festive seed kits from the Gluttonous Gardener (including a selection of pre-grown leaves to enjoy while they wait for their own to grow!) 


Sculpd pottery and paint kit

Sociable gifts ‍

At this time of year a gift that goes beyond the worker and shows your appreciation for the entire person feels all the more special. Tokens that recognise how important life is outside of work are the perfect way to celebrate the festive season – and remind us what Christmas is really about.

Think social gifts like cinema tickets to bring colleagues together with friends and family, and create some festive memories that last longer than any novelty socks. 

Our festive gift shop is now open, with a range of amazing gifts to suit every occasion.