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June 25, 2019

Dom + Ink’s ‘Free To Be Me’ book launch

We brought Penguin Random House x Dom + Ink’s ‘FREE TO BE ME’ book launch to life with incentives on book covers!

It feels like a rainbow-glittery blur now, but recently we were lucky enough to be a part of a very special book launch. 🌈

‘Free To Be Me’ by Dom & Ink is an LGBTQ+ journal for everyone, designed to empower, inspire and entertain. As soon as we got our hands on an advance copy, packed with colour, positivity and some of the fiercest colouring-in we’ve ever seen, we knew we had to get involved. 👏

Cue one of the sassiest, love-filled parties we’ve ever attended. 🎉

We partnered with Dom and the talented people at Penguin Random House for Dom & Ink’s official book launch at the Tottenham Court Road Waterstones, London.

We kicked things off with a superhuggg for Dom to share in his Instagram bio, loaded with 50 Lola’s Cupcakes to give away to his most faithful followers. 🦄

It warmed our hearts when people turned up to the launch with their cupcakes in hand. And we even had a power huggger just so happen to be in attendance! We love meeting ⚡️ power hugggers in person, and we really hope to meet more of you in the future. Keep an eye on our socials for upcoming events.

Dom’s famous for his ‘Digital hugs with Dom’ Insta Stories, which is another reason why we were keen to collaborate with him. After all, spreading positive messages and little moments of kindness is what we’re all about. We wanted to reward everyone at the event that picked up a copy of Dom’s book and chooses to live life with a bit more kindness and colour. So we popped a sticker on the front cover of ‘Free To Be Me’ to treat the reader to a free coffee huggg, through the power of QR. Just another sprinkle of digital-to-IRL magic. 💅

Dom and the team at Penguin Random House went all out to create a welcoming, safe space to celebrate the launch of ‘Free To Be Me’. The playlist was sassy, there were both rainbow AND golden doughnuts 🍩, and a giant copy of the book cover #forthegram. Oh, and Jade from Little Mix. No big deal. 😱 (As die-hard Mixers it was hard for huggg staffers Lewis and Olivia not to be starstruck, but they kept it super professional… kind of.)

We also want to say a huge thank you to Alesha and Nina at Penguin who helped get huggg involved in the celebrations. We’re also incredibly grateful to Dom & Ink for creating such a warm, inclusive and powerful book, full of pride and celebration for everyone. Not to mention hours of soul-soothing colouring-in. 📝

We hope everyone takes Dom’s #FreeToBeMe message to heart – you can order your copy of ‘Free To Be Me’ from Waterstones right here.

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