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February 23, 2022

Welcoming Monty Bojangles to Huggg

This week, we are excited to welcome Monty Bojangles and their delicious, double-dusted truffles.

It’s a good job they are delivered straight to their door, so you won’t be tempted to keep them for yourself. 😉

Whether rewarding employees for going above and beyond, reaching out when things haven't been easy or celebrating a birthday, these chocolatey treats are sure to hit the spot - from unboxing to the very last mouthful.

The most indulgently chocolatey experience imaginable

You’ve probably heard chocolate is proven to contain the bliss molecule, it makes you feel good, and these award-winning, beautifully packaged beauties have it in spades. With 9 individual boxes nestled in a wonderfully illustrated trunk, you just need a reason to send. Here are a few suggestions:

  • 🥳 Birthdays and milestone moments

  • 🏅 Congratulations on super achievements

  • 💆 Boosting morale

  • 🙏 Thank yous

  • 🙌 Celebrating World Chocolate Day (July 7th)

  • 🏢 Super shareable - perfect for treating remote office hubs and co-working spaces

Which Monty Bojangles products can I send?

Huggg customers can send send three versions of Monty Bojangles’ gloriously decadent (and brilliantly named) Choc truffle trunk. Here are the details…

Choc truffle trunk - £33.33

(plus VAT 20%)

A trunk style gift box filled with 9 individual boxes of delicious cocoa dusted chocolate truffles. Recipients can choose between the Great Taste Award truffle trunk, vegan truffle trunk or fruity truffle trunk.

Price includes UK mainland delivery.

Why Monty Bojangles?

Award-winning ✔️ Utterly delicious ✔️ Beautiful unboxing ✔️ 100% natural ingredients ✔️

When he started the company in 2008, MB MD Andrew Newlands, had the intention of creating a UK confection brand that wouldn’t compromise on quality, taste or design and he most certainly delivered. This year Monty Bojangles is again top in the ‘Chocolate & Confectionery’ The Guild of Fine Food and Fine Food Digest awards. And it doesn’t stop there, the award-winning truffles that lie inside are infused with carefully sourced flavours that are curiously moreish. 😋

We love finding new products to add to our range of gifts and something that feels like an experience is always extra special. The design of the truffle trunk packaging is a treat in itself with the founder’s cat (Monty Bojangles 😺) flying around a beautifully drawn, fantastical world. Recipients will love opening the trunk to see the lavishly illustrated truffle boxes inside.

And as for sustainability, they are committed to achieving net-zero emissions and are already using carton packaging from sustainable forests, powering their head office with 100% renewable energy, using recyclable plastic packaging wherever possible and are Fairtrade registered.

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Shop team gifts

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Huggg's easy-to-use platform makes sending gifts at scale a cinch and handles all GDPR concerns effortlessly.

Send team gifts in seconds

Huggg's easy-to-use platform makes sending gifts at scale a cinch and handles all GDPR concerns effortlessly.

Check out some of our great gifting options

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