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October 20, 2021

How to make your business Christmas cards count

Sending presents to those that are close to us is an important part of Christmas traditions

At this time of year, many people are starting to think about shopping for gifts for their friends and family.

Those lucky enough to be planning Christmas celebrations for their workplace also have the added responsibility of gift-hunting for their colleagues, clients and customers. And whilst here at Huggg we regularly sing the praises of the benefits of corporate gifting, sending business Christmas cards is another great way to connect with your people.

Why sending corporate Christmas cards is important

When you're busy trying to source presents for multiple people, the humble business Christmas card can be easily overlooked. But whilst small in size, a well thought out card can pack a serious punch when it comes to getting the message across to the important people you work with.

In the digital age, receiving a handwritten card with even a simple message inside will stick in your recipient’s memory and make a real, positive impact on them. It shows that you think they are worth the extra time and effort that goes into writing a card. That’s a big win for very little monetary outlay.

What to say inside a business Christmas card

Even the most confident of writers can suddenly find themselves a little lost for words when sitting down to write a seemingly simple Christmas card message. Well, our advice is to not overthink it. Keep it snappy, friendly and to the point. No one opens a card expecting reams of flowing prose. Providing it comes form a  genuinely appreciative place, a concise message will do the trick and be valued by the recipient.

If you’re still struggling, keep the following pointers in mind before putting pen to card…

Say thanks

If you’re sending gifts to colleagues, then adding a business Christmas card is the perfect opportunity to let your recipients know just how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the year, whilst also telling them to enjoy their well earned time off over the festive period. Similarly, if you’re sending business Christmas cards to customers and/or clients, it’s your chance to thank them for their loyalty and custom over the last year.

Make it personal

It’s important to make sure each recipient knows you had them in mind personally when writing your business Christmas cards. If you want to reap the rewards sending corporate Christmas cards and gifts can bring, a generic “Merry Christmas” just won’t cut it. The people you are sending to need to feel genuinely appreciated so make sure you write something that is meaningful to each individual recipient.

Have some fun

If you really can’t write a personal message to all your recipients (and hey, we know some of you will have a lot of cards to send) then at least try and make them laugh a little. Laughter is a great way to connect with others so injecting a bit of humour into your message via a cheesy joke or a couple of Christmas puns can go a long way to making your card count where it matters.

When to send a corporate Christmas card?

If we’ve convinced you that sending business Christmas cards is a good idea, then maybe we can also convince you to not leave writing them until the last minute. Whilst it may still feel a long time away, Christmas will be here before you know it and you don’t want to be the one writing your cards the night before the last postage day before Christmas.

...it’s Tuesday 21st December by the way 😉

Sending the best business Christmas cards

To really make your business Christmas cards fun and stand out from the rest, why not include a gift within the message? Gifts sent with Huggg are delivered to the recipient via a unique URL, so if you include this in your message, your recipients will get the added bonus of an unexpected gift.

Our range of festive gifts has options to suit all budgets and includes presents from the likes of Tony’s Chocolonely and Bloom & Wild, and tasty treats from Greggs and Caffè Nero. Thoughtful gifts really do make people feel valued and this in turn inspires loyalty and great work. Plus, you’ll be top of everyone’s Christmas list next year!

You can send gifts with Huggg by creating a free account below, or book a demo with one of our little helpers. There’s absolutely no obligation and it really is free to set up an account.

Check out some of our great team gifting options

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Shop gifts

Send team gifts in seconds

Huggg's easy-to-use platform makes sending gifts at scale a cinch and handles all GDPR concerns effortlessly.

Send team gifts in seconds

Huggg's easy-to-use platform makes sending gifts at scale a cinch and handles all GDPR concerns effortlessly.

Check out some of our great gifting options

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