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June 9, 2020

Our silence. Our commitment. #BlackLivesMatter

Our Silence

It’s been just over two weeks since George Floyd was murdered and just over one week since the world took part in #blackouttuesday.

Please forgive our silence as a company, but a social media post with a hashtag and no plan of action felt too passive for a conversation that has been happening for centuries.

We have spent time learning, listening and planning for how we continue to make long term change happen as a team.

We hope you understand.

Our Commitment

We as a company and as individuals stand together with black people and non-black allies in the ongoing fight against racism. We are committed to making real, sustainable change happen within our own company, the companies we choose to work with, and our wider community of users, partners and stakeholders.

As a start, we commit to the following:


In order to know how we can be better and do better, we have to listen, learn and start from within. We have a designated space internally where we share useful resources with each other, bringing what we’ve learnt into team meetings as a force for active change. We welcome conversations about racism and encourage activism.

We ask you to share resources with us here or on socials @huggg_uk.


We have always prided ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer, but know we can do better. Like most companies, due to the impact of COVID-19, we don’t know when we will next be looking to hire, but when we do, we commit to building a more diverse team.

If you would like to join our team in the future, or have resources on how to do better, we urge you to get in touch.

We work in direct partnership with a network of suppliers across a range of industries – from hospitality and leisure to more recently, e-commerce brands. We are actively seeking to work with black-owned businesses to ensure we are supporting black businesses and building a more diverse platform for our clients and users.

Please share details of your own business or businesses you love.


We have very good relationships with founders and senior leaders in lots of companies across a range of industries. Next week, we will contact the people in our own networks to ask them, if they haven’t already, to proactively bring the topic of racism to the table with their employees and, more importantly, to offer support and open conversation to their black employees and contractors.

We ask you to also have those conversations and hold us to account, too.


The internet is creaking under the weight of heavy conversations and helpful resources right now. We want to make sure we are still having public conversations and seeing change happen in six months to a year’s time – and beyond. We have an idea for how we can make sure this happens but we need as many companies involved as possible to make it count.

If you want your company to be involved, provide us with your company email address so we can contact you with further details.

If you are a black person or a non-black ally reading this, know that today, and always, we at Huggg stand with you. 🖤


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