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July 22, 2022

August birthday gift guide

A guide to finding the perfect gift for August birthdays

Birthdays offer an ideal opportunity to recognise a team member’s individuality at a time of peak personal reflection (according to Harvard Business Review, job hunting jumps 12% just before birthdays).

If, like us, you have some legendary August babies in the team (HBD Sarah!), and want to recognise the moment, but can’t find the time, don’t worry, we have it figured out. Intentional gifting can be easier than you think.

Top 3 birthday gifting hurdles 😖

Whether you oversee 2 or 2000 people, successful birthday gifting has some niggly blockers and here are the 3 we hear about most:

  1. Inspiration - which gift will be cherished by the recipient?
  2. Logistics - where do they live and will it arrive in time?
  3. Suitability - will my choice be suitable for the recipient?

We built a solution for each of these, enabling you to navigate any hurdles with ease.

August inspiration 🔆

We can help you spread the perfect amount of birthday love across your teams this August, faster than Usain Bolt (August baby), with personalised banners and messages serving as the cherry on top of the cake.

We’re thinking beautiful, personalised stationery or a leather card holder for the organised, methodical Virgo and perhaps an iced coffee for the journey to work on the big day or a Salt and soak set, the perfect treat for the generous Leo, who is always thinking of others.

With something for every budget and with new ideas being added when we discover them, keep an eye on your inbox for August newness.

The dreaded logistics ⚙️

Is that lucky birthday person a remote worker or in the office? Is their personal address up to date and do you even have access to the HR system? What happens if they’ve taken some leave for their special day and won’t be around to receive it, or the birthday falls on the weekend? Sending a birthday Huggg solves it.

  • You send the link on their big day, controlling perfectly when it arrives.
  • Scheduled send even allows you to birthday Huggg someone in the future, meaning you can set it all up in advance, and have it sent on the weekend.
  • Your lucky birthday recipient inputs their delivery address and preferences, seamlessly navigating any GDPR issues.

Pro tip! Share the link privately if that suits the individual, or go public and share in Slack/Teams to let the whole team share in the gift-giving moment.

Suitability 🤩

If you have worked in the same office for 10 years, you can pick out the perfect gift, but what about colleagues you’ve yet to meet? The thinking is done for you with carefully curated options in our Gifts with Choice (GWC) selection. With a variety of price points, each GWC allows the recipient to choose from at least 4 different gifts - a little choice for them, after a bunch of thought by us.

And it doesn’t end there, in most products on the platform there is an option for alcohol or gluten-free, giving that extra level of care to the recipient.

Happy gifting - September babies, we’re coming for you next month.

Check out some of our great team gifting options

shop more gifts
shop more gifts

Send birthday gifts in seconds

Our easy-to-use platform makes sending gifts at scale a cinch and handles all GDPR concerns effortlessly.

Send birthday gifts in seconds

Our easy-to-use platform makes sending gifts at scale a cinch and handles all GDPR concerns effortlessly.

Check out some of our great gifting options

shop more gifts

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