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Are adults too old for advent calendars?

November 19, 2021
2 min read

Why should children have all the fun?

Whilst we know we’re not the only ones who still get excited about opening that little cardboard door and popping the chocolate out, we think it’s time for a bit of a glow up.

Fir trees, cold weather, mince pies and Kevin McCallister - all things ubiquitous with Christmas. But the one thing that really marks the start of the festive season is when shops start lining their confectionary aisles with everyone’s favourite Christmas treat...advent calendars! 🍫

With this in mind we have been on the hunt for some grown-up versions of this traditional treat and boy have we found some fantastic adult advent calendars for you to share with your people this Christmas.


Why send adult advent calendars?

By sprinkling a bit of festive magic on the lead up to Christmas you keep your teams happy, productive and connected. Sending small gifts at regular intervals is the perfect way to do this and what’s more regular than a gift every day!?

And when we say they are grown-up, we aren’t kidding… 🤩

What adult advent calendars can I buy on Huggg?

Huggg lets your recipients choose from a selection of calendars from some of our favourite brands meaning that everyone will get a gift they really appreciate. We’ve got some great options to choose from - here’s what’s on offer…


Candy Kittens

A Christmas tree FULL of sweets in a build-your-own, 3D Pop-Up Advent Tree.

Packed full of favourite must-have-more vegan sweets, there’s enough in the box to have two Candy Kittens per day, plus 2 jars of sweets to get your people through the festive season!

candy kittens 2022 advent calendar‍‍

Tony's Chocolonely

Treat your people to a Tony’s Christmas countdown calendar! Waiting for Christmas has never been so yummy. Behind every door is a Tiny Tony from their rainbow of flavours.


Tony's Chocolonely advent calendar 2022‍‍

‍Joe & Seph's

Treat them to a Joe and Seph’s advent calendar, filled to the brim with more popcorn than ever before, including Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bites on Day 24!

Vegan option available.

Joe & seph's 2022 advent calendar


Can't decide?

Your thought, their choice. Instead of picking a gift yourself, let them choose from a selection from our range so you can be confident they’ll receive something they love. Let them choose from...

  • Joe and Seph’s
  • Candy Kittens
  • Tony’s Chocolonely

‍Christmas gifting, made simple

Our advent calendars are just a small selection of our full range of festive gifts.

With lots of choice for different diets and lifestyles, Huggg is your once stop shop if you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali or any other festival this winter. And with gifts starting from under £2.00, Huggg will help make sure your staff celebrations are more thoughtful and joyful than ever before - no matter how much you have to spend.

Check out the full line of of festive gifts now.


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