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A better alternative to gift cards this Christmas

October 21, 2022
4 min read

Delightful alternatives to gift cards for employees‍

Surprise them this Christmas with something that offers just as much choice, with even more delight ✨

Traditionally, gift cards for employees are shared when you don’t know someone’s gift preferences, or if you’re gifting large groups at a time. They’ve been a failsafe gift which offers convenience, transparency, minimal admin – we get it. 

But it’s 2022. And there are plenty of thoughtful alternatives to gift cards you can give with confidence this Christmas that will make your people feel even more special.


Introducing… our gifts with choice range

Every gifter’s secret weapon this season… 

As gifting experts, we understand that sometimes a gift card is a good option - that’s why we stock them. But even we’ll admit they do lack that certain je ne sais quoi - which is why we created our gifts with choice range.

Our gifts with choice offer the same simplicity, ease and choice as a gift card, with even more delight. We've added extra-special touches that make giving a gift via Huggg feel like a more thoughtful, appreciative and sustainable alternative to Amazon gift cards.

Why choose gifts with choice over gift cards?

1. Avoid any awkward comparisons ‍

Our customers have said one of the main issues that’s cropped up with gift cards for employees is that seeing the monetary value of a reward can have a negative impact. It might be construed as reflecting the value of the employee to you or the company, when in fact it’s the thought that counts.

You can shop gifts with choice according to your gifting budget, but the recipients won’t see the monetary value of the gift – just a great range of treats to choose from at their leisure. A win, win. 

2. Recipients can truly treat themselves 

Huggg’s gifts with choice range empowers your recipients to pick from tangible, popular gifts like flowers, chocolates and drinks, rather than just offering them a range of shops to pick a gift from. This opens up the gifting experience and makes it feel more thoughtful, as recipients must choose from a carefully curated range of crowd-pleasing gifts, rather than using their gift card to buy something they need.

Think back to the last time you bought a gift card: what did you buy? Chances are you can’t even remember you had it, or you used it as full or part payment towards an item that you needed from the wide range of high street shops available. Our gifts with choice offer the same high standard of brands, but with an added incentive for recipients to really treat themselves to something special. 

Huggg Gifts with choice

3. Give the option to do good‍

In keeping with the true meaning of Christmas and community, Huggg’s gifts with choice also offer the option for recipients to donate the cash equivalent of their gift to charity. Whether you’re shopping for the person who already has everything, or your recipients just really appreciate good deeds at this time of year, we’ve found this offering to be a popular alternative to Amazon gift cards – especially in these uncertain times.  

4. Make your gift even more meaningful

Every gift with choice we offer can be personalised with a unique gift card message and gift wrap (coming soon!) to create a feeling of genuine excitement during that unwrapping moment. Adding these little touches makes the recipient experience more fun, and in turn it feels closer to a real-life gifting experience. Even the best gift cards for staff won’t feel as special as gifts with choice, thanks to that element of personalisation.

When it comes to expressing your appreciation for every individual at your company, even a slightly personalised gift makes all the difference.