How to send a huggg


purchase a real slice of food or drink happiness for someone.

They collect their huggg at their own convenience, just by showing their app to the server in-store.

Start by downloading huggg for free on Apple and Android.

Send a huggg in just a few simple steps:

choose a huggg for them

Browse through our carousel of partner brands, select a brand and choose between the two hugggs that they offer. 

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pick your person

Select your recipient from your phone contacts and tap their name.


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tell them why

Whether it's a thank you, a happy birthday, a "sorry I accidentally killed your goldfish" or simply just because.

Pay securely in-app and then hit send. It's really that simple.

What happens when you receive a huggg


the huggg has landed

You will receive a text message to let you know you have been bought a huggg by a lovely person - that's if you haven't downloaded the app already. If you have the app (great news), you'll get a push notification and / or a red flag on your app.

The text contains the verbatim message written by the sender

You'll also get a message letting you know what kind of huggg you've been sent. 

You'll also get the link to download the app from your app store. Providing you download the app and register the mobile number the huggg was sent to ... your huggg will be there waiting for you. 


All you need is their mobile number and a reason, so what are you waiting for!?