Send last minute Christmas gifts at scale!

Looking for an easy way to find delightful Christmas gifts for staff and clients? We can help with all your company gifting needs.


What is corporate Christmas gifting?

Christmas is the most popular gifting occasion for employers and bosses to express their gratitude to their teams and clients. A thoughtful festive gift is the perfect way to thank your people for all their hard work and loyalty throughout the year.

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Why is Christmas gifting
so popular?

The act of gift giving has existed since the beginning of human civilisation, so it’s no wonder gifting is now an established custom within the workplace. 

Giving Christmas gifts to staff makes both employers and employees feel warm and fuzzy inside during the festive season. Recipients feel valued by their team and the wider business, and employers can use gifting to boost engagement and goodwill. 

The same counts for client gifting – where thoughtful festive gifts can strengthen emotional connections and spread some extra joy at Christmas time.

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How to nail your Christmas gifting

No need to keep track of dietary requirements and postal addresses. Huggg is the ultimate present for whoever organises company Christmas gifts!

Start early!
Beat the last minute rush and plan all your presents in advance with Huggg’s handy scheduling tool.

Surprise with small treats
Treat teams to a small gesture of goodwill, like a hot drink of their choice. Perfect for that festive feeling.

Countdown to Christmas, together
Bring your people together with advent calendar gifts so you can celebrate together - wherever you work.

Give impactful gifts
Choose gifts that best express your culture (Huggg has plenty of choice!) Then schedule and send in a couple of clicks. 

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Typical Christmas gifting budgets

Christmas gifts tend to cost between £50 and £150 per person (excluding festive party and team outing costs). 

Gifts under £50 are categorised as a ‘trivial benefit’ by HMRC, which is a form of tax relief that allows employers to send small gifts without incurring National Insurance costs or Benefit in Kind Tax.

Learn more about Christmas gifts and tax here.

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When to start Christmas gifting

Many businesses start planning their Christmas celebrations (including gifts) as early as September. 

If you think you’ll be extra-busy as the calendar counts down to the 25th, Huggg can help you schedule your gifts in advance. Leaving you with less last minute headaches – and more time to enjoy the festivities.


Where is Christmas gifting available?

With Huggg, you can send Christmas gifts to colleagues and clients across the whole of the UK and Europe!

We deliver to:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Belgium
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Ireland
  6. Italy
  7. Netherlands
  8. Poland
  9. Spain

Best Christmas gifts for employees

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3 steps to start Christmas gifting

All you need to do to get your Christmas gifting wrapped up.
Step 1

Decide on your budget

Step 2

Pick your gifts (or allow us to!)

Step 3

Schedule or send