So, you think we're good enough to bring home to mama?

Excellent news.

We want to share the huggg love across Bristol and Bath and it looks like you want to help us out.

And guess what?

It's real simple to do so.

Refer us to 5 kind humans who might not have heard of us but would love our concept (by entering their mobile numbers below) and we'll send them a free Friska or Society Cafe coffee from you, just because. Oh, and if you introduce us to five newbies - enter your number and we'll pop one over to you, too. Just to say thanks.

By the way, when your friends receive their coffee hugggs, they will come through from your mobile number (just as though you sent it yourself!) without costing a penny. Magic, right? However, if you don't fancy that and would rather they came straight from us? Tick 'no' where it asks for your express permission.

Let's get started, shall we?

How about your very best friend?
Someone who's probably never heard of us, perhaps?
That work colleague who always helps you out of a pickle?
One that might need cheering up?
How about someone you haven't seen in a while?
Enter your mobile number if you'd like to receive coffee on us, too.
So they know where the huggg came from!
I give express permission for huggg to send these coffee hugggs to my friends on my behalf.

Just so you know.

We hate pesky spam as much as the next human, so rest assured you and your pals won't receive any.

We won't be passing the details you've provided onto any third parties and your friends can opt in to marketing when they download, if they choose toyour friends can opt out of marketing when they download the app to redeem their frothy coffee.

Thanks again for the referral. We really appreciate it. 

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