You love huggg as much as we do.

So, chances are, your friends will too. 


And we think the best way to tell them about huggg is by huggging them.

Which is why we're offering you the chance to send one huggg free to the most epic human in your life. 

All you have to do is:

1. Make sure you've got huggg app downloaded and updated on your phone.

2. Provide us with the details of someone who lives in Bristol or Bath and could use a huggg

(Please note: only one form submission will be accepted)


We'll then send them a Friska or Society Cafe coffee from you, just because. 


The best part is, when your friend receives their hot drink huggg, it'll arrive via text message from your mobile number (as though you sent it yourself). Magical, right?

Let's get started then.

Remember - they must live in Bristol or Bath!
So we can send your huggg.
Think about where they usually head for their morning fix.
To explain why you chose them for your first huggg of the year.
So we can send it from your phone to theirs. You'll need to be a user to do this, so make sure you've downloaded the app.
I give my express permission for huggg to send this huggg from my mobile number, free of charge. *

Just so you know.

We hate pesky spam as much as the next human, so rest assured you and your pals won't receive any. We also won't be passing any of the details you've provided onto any third parties. We're cool like that.

Opt into marketing, however, and you'll receive tons of exciting news and updates from huggg HQ.

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