Hey hugggers

Yesterday we discovered a potential data exposure and although our investigation shows no indication of misuse or access by anyone, we want to make you aware that this has occurred.

The nature of it is that some of your user info was potentially made publicly visible. This doesn’t include any payment info (we don’t store that) but it could have made it possible to gain access to the details you share with us in order to use huggg, such as your name, email address, DOB and mobile number.  

We can confirm the issue was caused by a third party agency which, unrelatedly, we have recently ceased to work with and it was during our handover that we discovered the issue. There’s no action you need to take on our platform, as our development team fixed it immediately and have taken extensive steps to ensure it won’t happen again.  

However, if you’d like any further information, please contact privacy@huggg.me and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Our hugggers mean the world to us and we’re committed to keeping you guys safe and happy.

Thanks for your continued support.

Big love, as always


CEO and founder