you can now send coffee as easily as sending an emoji

want it to be your coffee people are buying and sharing?


it only takes 10 minutes.

once we've approved your application, we'll want to have you live and kicking as soon as we can.

set up takes 10 minutes, pouring the perfect coffee is down to you.

coffee-loving humans will be queueing at your counter.

as soon as you're live, humans will be able to send your expert coffee to one another to collect. might be time to hire another barista.

you'll be part of a network of the very best independents.

at huggg HQ, we've got an awesomeness algorithm that dictates who we can and can't have as part of our indie network.

we're not sure exactly what it looks out for, but we think it might be something to do with good beans; an excellent hygiene rating and how much love you've received online.

and it won't cost a thing until someone walks through your door.

and even then it won't be much.

but don't just take our word for how great huggg is.

Untitled design.png

‘Partnering with huggg has been feel good from the get-go. With a simple set up process, easy redemption method and a bunch of new and happy customers coming through our door - we’d recommend it to any small business with a passion for people.' 

Jane, Society Cafe



so, now you've heard us out.

there's only one choice left to make, old chum.


heard enough and keen to deep-dive into the future?


if we haven't answered all your questions and you'd like to hear more


pssst! if you're an independent owner who's been handed one of these by their biggest fan, make sure you enter the code on the back of it when you apply. you're extra special and we want to push you to the front of the queue.