Giveaway TERMS


please note This giveaway is redeemable in one BYRON BURgER store, in Bristol ONLY.


1. Timeframes

Users must both download AND register their details / pass the simple verification steps on Huggg app between 12PM-2PM BST on Saturday 22nd July 2017 to be credited with one Byron burger. We are unable to Huggg anyone without their mobile number!



This page ( - together with the documents referred to on it) sets out the Terms of Use on which users of the Platform (you, your) may make use of our website, mobile application and in-message app functionality (together and separately, the Platform) in order to purchase unique retail codes (Codes) provided by us on behalf of our retail partners, which are redeemable in exchange for items (Hugggs) from one of our partners' retail outlets.  Please read these Terms of Use carefully before you start to use the Platform.  By using the Platform, you indicate that you accept these Terms of Use, which include the privacy policy that applies to the Platform (the Privacy Policy) and that you agree to abide by them.  If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please refrain from using the Platform.


3. cut off

We reserve the right to cap the giveaway prematurely, should the number of downloads significantly exceed expectation. The level is to be decided by us. We will announce this on Twitter & Instagram as soon as possible, if we do. 


4. change of terms

We (Huggg) reserve the right to change the terms should we see fit. 


5. extreme happiness

We cannot be held responsible for any face ache users may experience from smiling too much when they receive their first Huggg. 


6. Redemption limit

One Huggg per user, upon downloading the Huggg app for the first time. This Huggg can be redeemed immediately (providing Byron is open, of course) up to 12 months. General app use terms apply 


7. eligibility

Anyone who downloads the app, and registers for the first time ever between 12PM-2PM BST on Saturday 22nd July 2017 is eligible.


8. The prize

Adhering to the parameters set, the prize is a 'Byron for You Huggg'. The Huggg on the app can be shown to the Byron server in exchange for any Byron, Cheese or Classic burger with standard french fries in their Bristol store.