Drive a culture of appreciation with Gifting Budgets

    Empower your teams to celebrate every success, large and small, through pre-funded gifting budgets. Drive daily moments of happiness and appreciation effortlessly and foster a sense of belonging
    Join thousands of forward-thinking companies in celebrating the moments that matter
    Recognition without delay
    Empowering employees to tangibly recognise one another's efforts in real-time is hard. By giving gifting budgets, you enable team members to express gratitude without barriers
    Customisable budget allocation
    Decide on who will receive a budget, how much and how often. Synch with a live HRIS connection.
    Participants find it easy to share gifts in the moment
    Sharing a gift is as simple as entering an email address. Automatic reminders help you drive participation and consistency.
    Transparent budget usage and reporting to maintain visibility and full compliance
    Gain insights into what behaviors are being rewarded and foster a culture aligned with your company values. Full, downloadable records are kept for important P11D reporting.
    No delays, just action
    By removing any delay, an act of recognition is linked to the great behaviour being rewarded, creating positive behavioural change over time
    Double-shot recognition
    Recipients feel the warmth of their gift twice, once when it's sent to them and again when it arrives
    Visualise your core values being lived
    See how your values stack-rank against each other in practice

    Empowering a whole organisation to put appreciation first
    • 98.5% of employees felt more empowered to recognise colleagues
    • 71.6% felt more appreciated by their manager
    • 70% more motivated at work
    “It’s been an essential tool in helping us instil a culture of recognition at Octopus EV. We love it!”
    Alys Peart
    Chief of staff, Octopus Electric vehicles

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