*Please note: love hugggs were only available to send on Valentine's Day, so please don't try to submit one if you're reading this!*


You charmer, you.


Despite TV ads telling us otherwise, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about the slush, the romance and sweet red roses. Unless you'd like it to be, of course.

It can also be a good excuse to let the girls, the lads, the rentals, the work wives - and everyone in between - know how much they mean to you. 

Which is why, this year, we're providing you with a cool way to do just that. Even if they're just a friend. Or someone you share your desk with on the daily. Because, even if they're not so keen on Valentine's Day, they probably won't mind receiving a cup of something warm from Friska, right?

For one day only, we're making it possible to send anonymous hugggs to your Valentine/Galentine/Palentine.



💘  Using the form below, provide us with the details of someone in Bristol you'd like to send a Friska hot drink huggg to.

💘  Let us know whether you'd like your Love Day huggg to be sent anonymously or if you'd like us to send it from your mobile number.

Note: You'll need to download the app first if you'd like us to send it from your number!

💘  On the morning of 14th February, we'll fire a Friska hot drink huggg, along with your message to their phone. No strings attached.


Sounds ace, right?

Let's go, Cupid.

Fill out this form to make someone's heart beat a little faster with huggg

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Keep it clean, folks. We won't be sending anything offensive or inappropriate.
You big Casanova, you.
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Just so you know.

We hate pesky spam as much as the next human, so rest assured you and your pals won't receive any. We also won't be passing any of the details you've provided onto any third parties.

We're cool like that.

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