Technology is a bit like marmite – lots of people love it, and lots of people hate it.


Some say it has a knack for ruining real-life face to face interactions and relationships, but we think it can actually do a lot more good than people think by helping to strengthen relationships, and reduce isolation and spread kindness.

‘I have a straightforward philosophy - I would love technology to get out the way and amplify the best parts of humanity, rather than erode them’ - Pete Trainor, Author, at Exchange London 2018.

Technology can inspire and empower people to act in a kind way, at any time, to anyone, anywhere. And if you open your mind to it, you’ll soon realise the internet is FULL of kind people.

With technology, like most things, you get out what you put in. People have, and can continue to, use technology to change the way we see the world for the better and we love it.


Here’s how we see technology making people kinder in 2018.


Helps to raise cash for great causes


Gone are the days of knocking on doors with a money box. Fundraising sites such as GoFundMe and JustGiving see thousands of pounds being donated to charities and those in need, every single day.


Helps get voices heard


Online petition sites such as Change play a crucial part in spreading awareness about important issues, and bringing them to the public’s attention. Dare we say it, social media even plays a key part in this too - when used correctly, of course.


Connects people around the world


On the subject of social media, technology can also bring people together. You can check in on friends who live miles away, video call family members you might not get to see every day, and even interact with millions of people you never would have otherwise met. It means you can be better connected with those you want (or need) to be, making their day in the process.


Promotes generosity


Yup, that’s right. In addition to fundraising, there are platforms which promote kindness and generosity between friends, too.

With huggg, you can now send small pick me ups - think a slice of cake or cup of joe - to anyone in your phonebook to collect and enjoy at their favourite place on the other side. Not for any reason, just simply because.

Neat, right?


Well, when huggg’s CEO, Paul, set out with this brilliant idea of his, his aim was to build an app that proved that kindness really is contagious:

“It’s often difficult to be there for people, when everyone’s stuck in the hustle and bustle of city life. The technology behind huggg facilitates kind interactions - enabling people to easily and affordably show they care and are appreciated.” - Paul, CEO of huggg.


Here’s a few of the reasons why #wehuggg:


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‘#wehuggg because it’s an easy and low cost way to let your little brother know you’re there for him’ - Miles, team huggg


image_from_ios (3).jpg


‘#wehuggg because we drank coffee all day every day whilst travelling beautiful Colombia. Ever since, we share coffee at any opportunity (If it’s not coffee, it’s beers)’ - Caragh, team huggg


image_from_ios (2) (1).jpg


‘#wehuggg because we like to look after each other, always, even though we’re miles apart. Coffee and friendship keeps us going’ - Jessie, team huggg

If this doesn’t show how technology can make us kinder, people, we’re not sure what will.

Surprising someone with a huggg at their favourite coffee shop, tagging someone in a funny tweet, signing a petition, or donating to a GoFundMe, are all things that make technology – something we consider to be super robotic, intelligent, alien, and a bit Black Mirror, let’s be honest – into something that feels a lot warmer and more human.

To find out more about huggg, or just to say hello (we love that), drop us a line at,