Build better relationships with small acts that have big impacts.

We all know that a day at the office can be made ten times better by the people you work with.

When the phrases ‘work bestie’ or ‘work wife’ come up, we all have someone who springs to mind, and they’re arguably the people we spend most of our time with.

Coworking spaces are no different to your average fixed office.

Sharing your office with other businesses opens up tons of doors into the world of networking that help you to build connections with like-minded people. Forming good relationships in the workplace helps to create a positive and motivating environment and, according to Tech.Co, five types of relationships you’ll inevitably form from working in a coworking space are:

1. The Networking Guru

2. The Neighbour/Best Friend

3. The Informative Manager

4. The Friendly Staff Member

5. The Office Crush

Colleague relationships, of all kinds, can have a huge impact on  your day. They make the office brighter and more positive and can bring you back down to earth when it all gets too much.

Just take a look at some of your favourite TV sitcoms; the main crux of why so many of them are so entertaining are the relationships between the coworking characters in them. Would The Office US really have been so heartwarming without the blossoming romance between Jim and Pam? Or would Parks and Recreation have been so hilarious if it hadn’t been for the friendships between each and every member of the department? And what about the work-bromance between Jake and Charles in Brooklyn 99?

The fact is, our work pals are sometimes like a second family to us, and we humans are naturally social beings, so coworking spaces often become thriving environments of collaboration and community.

huggg is a simple way to put a smile on your coworker’s face. A little something to say ‘thanks for fixing the coffee machine’, ‘you make coming into work ten times easier’, or even ‘I know we’ve sat across the desk from each other for the past six months and only know each others first names, but I think I’m in love with you’... although, perhaps proceed with caution on that one. Might be a bit weird.

It goes without saying that everybody loves a free coffee, but when that coffee has been gifted to you, it becomes that little bit more special.

Coworking in Bristol? Send your work bestie/wife/neighbour/crush a huggg today, simply download huggg app and shoot it over to them via your contacts.

A tiny amount of time spent on your phone can have a huge impact on someone else’s day.