Because shopping local benefits the many, not the few.

We’re so lucky to live and work where we do.

In big, beautiful, bustling Bristol.

A city filled to the brim with independent coffee shops, lively cafes and unique restaurants - and it’s high time we started celebrating them.

Although huggg is (and always will be) about brands both great and small, we’ve met some pretty great people while building our indie network (coming soon) that we want to shout from the rooftops about them and rally some support to help them flourish. We've learnt that it takes a great deal to start (and run) a small business and owners can use all the support they can get.

So, how can you help?

Purchase something. Anything. Even if it's the cheapest thing on the shelf. It'll make the owner do a little happy dance every time you buy from them, for obvious reasons.

But that’s not the only way to show your support. 

Independent shape the city around them, keeping them vibrant and full of life, whilst also building strong communities within them. Follow them on social media, or verbally spread the word about how great they are. It’s an acknowledgement that all the risk-taking and the ups and downs of their journey, from being a seed of an idea to a nurtured business was all worth it. Support is everything.

In doing any of the above, you’re making a huge impact on tons of people, without even realising.

In addition to keeping the company afloat, you are:

  • Helping to create jobs in the area

  • Helping to ensure a stable, strong, local economy

  • Encouraging individuality and creativity

  • Supporting other local businesses by extension

  • Helping to craft the identity of your city

  • Building new relationships

  • Enjoying a much more personalised service

Bristol is awash with independent businesses, with one never being more than a stone’s throw away from where you are at any given time. We’ve got tons of amazing independent coffee shops signed up to be part of our indie network, so when the time’s right, and you send an indie huggg to a friend, you’ll be supporting them then, too.

Watch this space. It’s coming soon.

For now, download the app and join the #huggglife, ready for indie liftoff.