Digital Content Intern



Jumping out of university and straight into the world of work, Jessie has taken to startup life like a duck to water.

Using her noggin to make sensible decisions and bringing our social media to life, we couldn't be happier with our latest addition to the team!

Here's a little more on Jessie, the woman behind our feeds!


Are you Bristol born and bred?

Nope! I was born up t’North and still carry the accent, but grew up on the coast of Pembrokeshire. I moved to Bristol in 2014 to go to uni and haven’t left!

Who got your first huggg?

My awesome housemate and one of my best pals, Mikey, who drinks more coffee than anyone else I know.

Which huggg do you enjoy being sent most?

I love me a Friska latte!

Most used emoji?


What are you most looking forward to at huggg?

Being surrounded by wonderful human beings and getting to know the huggg community on social media!

In 3 words, describe a 'hugggable human'.

Full of sunshine. 


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