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Full time thinker and part time pint-drinker Paul is cofounder and CEO at huggg (although, he hates that turn of phrase, so we just call him 'captain').

An excitable bean, abound with endless amounts of energy and business know-how, Paul ensures the good ship huggg is sailing smoothly at all times.

Sourcing inspiration from some of Silicon Valley's greatest minds (think Peter Thiel, Paul Graham, Brian Chesky, Reid Hoffman) and the plethora of non-fiction that's set up home in our office, Paul juggles all of the plates and has put his heart and soul into huggg. In fact, we're not even sure he sleeps anymore. 

A little on the man behind the plan...


Bristol born and bred?

No, born in Lancashire and lived there until adulthood.  Most of my professional career then took place in Manchester, before making the move south for family reasons (my wife's from here).

Who got your first huggg?

I can't actually remember, although I'm pretty sure it was Alice. We'd been through the mill in getting to that point, and she certainly deserved it!

Which huggg do you enjoy being sent most?

I really love coffee - probably a little too much - so any hot drink huggg is great. I also love cocktails and Be At One knows how to put on a party. Basically, I love all hugggs.

Most used emoji?

I use 😃 a lot. I also love this one:🐒.

What do you listen to on your commute?

Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts. 

Best day at huggg so far?

Definitely my very first following quitting my job.  I can remember the anticipation and excitement of it, carrying in a little box of goodies and clutching a coffee that my wife had made for me before I left.  There was a card on my desk from Alice when I arrived - I still have it.

Any advice you'd like to share? 

If you're thinking about starting a business, then don't underestimate just how hard it will be. The highs are higher than having a job, but the lows are also most certainly lower. Make sure you've got someone willing to scrape you off the floor now and again.

In 3 words, describe a 'hugggable human'.

Generous, just because.


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