Community Manager

Olivia O'Brien | Community Manager | huggg



Building our community from the ground up is a fun but all-consuming job. Since Olivia came on board last year we’ve watched her nurture our blossoming huggg family. 

Olivia is also at the helm of launching our indie huggg movement, scouring Bristol, Bath and London for the best cups of coffee out there. If you know a joint that does a great cuppa joe, Liv wants to know about it.

Our social feeds wouldn’t be the same without her sense of humour, way with words and enjoyment of gifs. She’s the heart of our community here at huggg. 

Here's a little more on our social butterfly, Olivia...


Are you Bristol born and bred?

Nope, I'm a Londoner that's falling more in love with Bristol every day. 

Who got your first huggg?

My old work wife. Her blood is 90% coffee so it was a no-brainer.

Which huggg do you enjoy being sent the most?

A Peroni or coffee. Both are necessary for survival. 

Most used emoji?


Best day at huggg so far?

Handing out coffees donated by hugggers at the homeless shelter was pretty special. 

In 3 words, describe a 'hugggable human'.

Thoughtful, spontaneous and cool.