Firstly, where have you been?

Secondly, keep scrolling. You need to hear this.


Not sure if you'd noticed, but we launched our iMessage app last week

Which means you lovely lot can now send hugggs in iMessage as well as our main app

You just have to have Apple Pay set up to do so.


We didn't think this would be a problem.

We assumed most of you would've jumped on the ol' bandwagon.

But after one or two of our most hugggable humans asked if they could send hugggs in iMessage using their card, we thought we'd ask the question and find out how many of you had or hadn't got involved yet.

These were the results of our Instagram poll...

image_6483441 (5).JPG

Which made us go...

Instead of screaming into a pillow and/or the abyss, questioning why on EARTH you wouldn't have Apple Pay set up, we decided to instead (take a chill pill) and give you a few good reasons why you need to get involved right this second.

And yes. One of the reasons is to allow you to send hugggs in iMessage.

But keep reading, buster.

There's more to it than that.

1. It's the most popular payment system in the US. Not sure why this matters, but it was a good stat to chuck in at the start.

2. You don't have to spend hours swimming in your bag or pockets looking for your card. 

3. It gives your thumb another reason for being.

4. 25,000 locations in the UK accept it now, which means it's more than legit.

5. You can shop on ASOS with it. #dangerous

6. You can only send hugggs in iMessage with Apple Pay.

(Told you it'd be in there somewhere.)

7. It takes 72 seconds to set up.

8. It's 2018. 

Basically, if you have an iPhone (and a compatible card), then link your card up to Apple Pay

Some of us at huggg HQ took a little longer than others to set theirs up (ahem).

But now that they have?

They refuse to use anything else.

Here's a link out to Apple's instructions for how to set up the best payment method known to humankind.

It's quick, secure - and don't worry - you can thank us later.

Happy huggging (in iMessage), you kind human, you!