We're excited to announce that Alice, one of our co-founders and Head of Operations at huggg, will be taking part in a panel discussion at Social Media Week Bristol!

Exciting, huh?


As part of The Small Business Social Media Bristol Summit, Alice will be joined by some other epic humans, including the likes of David O'Coimin of Nook and Sidonie Warren of Papersmiths to talk all things social media and small business related.  

As a nice little warm up to the main event, we've asked Alice a few questions about her own relationship with social media as well as the impact Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more have had on launching huggg.


Here's what Alice had to say...


📱 When did you join the weird and wonderful world of social?

My first proper sign up was in 2007 when I joined Facebook. 



I don’t post personal content as much as I used to, but I do still get joy from posting on Instagram or seeing life updates from friends and family on Facebook. I love that I can keep up with one-man bands who share unique pictures or draw inspiration from non-celebrity style accounts. Plus, the insight you get into different businesses these days is really interesting. Whether it’s their Friday lunchtime doughnut run or an insight into how their office is decorated, it makes you feel like you’re really getting to know the brand.


📱 Favourite platform?

Instagram, of course - everyone loves a photo, don’t they? 

I prefer Instagram because the images / photos people post are invariably positive; there’s less negativity shared than on other platforms (unless you delve into some of the comment threads - ouch!)


📱 Least favourite?

Although great for what we do, Twitter has to be my least favourite on a personal level.

I mean, I do use it - it’s amazing for up-to-the-minute user generated content - but it can be quite hostile at times. We all need a bit of constructive criticism, but sometimes people are just plain mean!


📱 In what way has social media helped launch huggg?

Social media has allowed us to show off our personality and interact with users who post about their experience. We take all comments and suggestions seriously, and want to make a product people love, so it's great when people reach out to tell us how we can do better.


📱 did you have a strategy in mind AT THE START?

We wanted to post feel good content, without being sickly sweet and to encourage acts of kindness. We've haven't veered too far from this since.



We used HootSuite to schedule at the beginning, but are now using Sprout. Being able to schedule Instagram posts has been a real game changer, but nothing beats posting in real-time - guess that's why stories are so popular!

If you fancy hearing more of Alice's take on the benefits (and pitfalls!) of social media for startups, then grab a ticket to the event on Thursday. And if you do decide to pop along, make sure you come and say hi to us afterwards - the whole team will be floating about.


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