Because let's face it, none of us are perfect.


If you spend any lengthy amount of time exploring the Internet, you might be fooled into thinking the world were awash with awful humans. Our social media feeds seem to be one terrible tale after another and the 6 o’clock news seems to be a never ending showreel of our worst nightmares coming true.


Here at huggg HQ, we're committed to spreading vibes of only the positive kind and are convinced that if we all made an effort to be a bit nicer, the world would be a much brighter place as a result.

Which is why we've created a list of ways you can do just that.

Some are small and others are mighty, but all of our tips on how to be a better person are guaranteed to have a positive impact on you, as well as those around you. 

Let's get started, shall we?

Don't forget to look up

It probably seems a bit strange for the creators of an app to sit here and tell you to put your phones down, but we really do mean it.

Studies have found that we spend at least a third of our lives staring at a screen, which can't be good for the soul, so make sure you're switching off long enough to communicate with real life humans. 

Say cheese

Yep, you know that involuntary thing your mouth does at 5pm on a Friday? Where the corners of your mouth turn upwards and your teeth come out to play? Feels good, right? Well, it's also contagious. Researchers have found that people find it more difficult to frown when faced with someone who is smiling, with their muscles involuntarily twisting into a happy face.

So, smile and the world will literally follow.

Do the right thing

We know more than most that it’s the little things - such as a text message or sending a cup of coffee - that can make the biggest difference to someone's day, but why stop at those around you when you can take a deep dive into the bigger stuff, too? There are plenty of humans on your doorstep who could use a helping hand, so get out there and offer one. 

Check out our huggg it forward initiative we ran throughout December for some #inspo. 

Try to be thoughtful

Look, we know you're busy. Between work, mustering up the energy to go to the gym and trying to keep our social lives afloat, it's hard to keep up with everyone else's goings on.

But the simple gesture of remembering to send a text message, card or even a huggg to someone facing a job interview or exam can make a real difference to how they feel about their day.

Use your manners

Whether you’re in a restaurant, at work or in the street, don’t forget to say thank you. Sounds obvious, right? Well, we've seen first-hand how it can easily slip through the net, so we thought it might be worth mentioning.

And for all those times that words aren't enough and you want to go that extra mile for someone? You, of course, always have huggg.

Finally, get some sleep

How can you be a better human if you’re running on empty? Working hard is important, playing hard is also important (ahem) but sleeping hard is paramount.

Our moods are directly affected by the amount of shut eye we get each night, so pour a cup of camomile tea, switch that do not disturb on and get a good night's kip. 

Just taking the time to find out how you can be a better person in life means you're already halfway there and we'd love to have you join our movement to make the world a better place.

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