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Although you might not need it during your first few weeks at Bristol, feeling flush from your first loan installment and with a thousand packets of Super Noodles stuffed into your IKEA storage boxes, there’ll come a point towards the end of term where you won’t have enough money to eat. Or, if you’re in catered halls, you’ll be sick of kiev and chips.

Don’t panic; we’ve all been there, and there’s a solution you’ll be happy to know doesn’t involve a sheepish phone call home asking for cash.

Go on…

Around November 25th, students tend to realise what they’ve done; recoiling in shame at the number of trips to Jason Donervan they’ve made after a night at Lizard Lounge and the billion £1 tequilas they’ve slammed at Thekla. Having been frivolous with their money and no longer feeling as though they’re on track to becoming the fully fledged adult they thought they’d be on arrival at university, they reluctantly message mum or dad asking for a little help in keeping themselves alive.

Now, you don’t have to.

Share our huggg app with your parents before you start at UWE or University of Bristol and encourage them to send you hugggs instead.

Okay, but what exactly is a huggg?

In truth, a huggg can be anything. From a burger at Byron to a burrito at Tortilla. Parents can now send you food, which you can collect instantaneously, at the touch of a button. And, if they’re feeling really generous, they can also send you cocktails, coffee or cake from some of Bristol’s most loved restaurants, bars and cafes.

The good news is, you can store a huggg in your app for a whole year (a bit like a hamster’s cheeks) for when times get tough.

Avoid that mid-term phone call home and get your parents to download huggg today.  

Download the huggg app