Because a misplaced embrace is never not funny


We love hugging of all kinds here at huggg HQ.

From a cocktail, coffee or burger huggg received via our app to the real life ones shared with family and friends.

But what about when a human contact hug doesn't go quite how you'd imagined? When you go in for a handshake and they go in for a full on cwtch? Or when they come at you out of nowhere or from behind? 

Here is a list of 7 of the most awkward types of hugs, served up purely for your entertainment. 


The Cross Body

When you style out rejection with a side shuffle shimmy.


The Up Top

When you go in for a high five but end up in a warm embrace.


The Interrupter

When you don't like their choice of hug partner so do all you can to stop it.


The Third Wheel

When you go in for the kill but end up ruining a marriage in the process.


The Swivel

When Obama is in the room and your own husband doesn't even get a look in.


The Deep Sea Diver

When you think someone can't get any lower, but it turns out they can.


The Lone Ranger

When you like the way you look so much that you go ahead and hug yourself.

With huggg, there's no room for awkward moments or misplaced embraces. Just warm and fuzzies paired with good coffee and juicy burgers.

Avoid any unwanted moments and #sayitwithhuggg instead.

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