We bring you our top 20.

Because let’s face it, we’re a start up and don’t have time to be listing them all.

From following up on a first date to guilt-tripping someone into after work drinks, there are a thousand reasons to send a huggg.

But why reserve that surprise hot drink, delicious lunch or pint of Peroni for a missed birthday or baby shower? Rather than saving those warm and fuzzies for extra special occasions, make sending hugggs a part of your everyday, instead. 

We've listed below a few instances you could send a huggg, just in case you were wondering when our app might come in handy.

  1. You killed their goldfish
  2. Sat on their cat

  3. Forgot to get a card

  4. Want to follow up on a good first date

  5. Tempt someone out for drink

  6. Cheer them up

  7. Say congratulations

  8. Wish them well at university

  9. Feed them while at university

  10. Keep in touch from afar

  11. Or even say, "hello" from the next room

  12. Secure after work drinks

  13. Thank a team member for all their hard work

  14. Because they love Friska coffee

  15. Byron hamburgers

  16. Or Turtle Bay jerk

  17. Because they need a little caffeine kick today

  18. Or something to warm them up this weekend

  19. Simply to say hello 

  20. Or wave goodbye

In actual fact, we needn't have listed 20 reasons one might send a huggg, because the truth is, you don't need one.

Much like a regular hug, the best kind of hugggs arrive unexpectedly. For no reason at all. Just because. 

The reason we risked it all to create our little app was that we wanted to encourage people to carry out regular random acts of kindness and we'd like to continue to do that, from now until forever.

Join OUR movement and send a surprise cocktail, COFFEE or burger to a friend for absolutely no reason at all.


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