Bag yourself a second soiree with this one tiny gesture


You know the feeling. 

After (let's face it) swiping right and plucking up the courage to ask out your latest love interest, you spend a magical evening staring into each other’s eyes, laughing about ‘just how much you have in common’, flirting over who’s going to finish your shared dessert and trying to act cool in the face of pure perfection.

You hug, kiss or (god forbid) wave goodbye to your date and skip down the road, imagining what your children might look like and contemplating whether you’d prefer to lay wood flooring or carpet in your first home together.

They are perfect, it was perfect, everything is perfect. The moon and stars have aligned and all is well in the world. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

Until you have to follow up without ruining absolutely everything, that is.

Up until now, you’ve sort of been left to your own devices, haven’t you? Composing and rewriting text messages for thirty minutes at a time, risking everything with emojis that don’t mean what you think they do (aubergine + splash, anyone?), in turn jeopardising the chance to pin down a second date.

Hey, we get it. Dating in the digital age is a minefield.

Until now. When you can just let huggg do the talking. And it’s as smooth as anything.

(If we do say so ourselves.)

This year, we took messaging up a notch and have made it possible to send friends, family, colleagues (and prospective lifelong partners you’ve only just met), food and drink items from their favourite restaurants, cafes and bars via text message.

And although plenty of people are using the huggg app to say thank you, hello or I’m sorry (#awks), no one seems to have picked up on how great it is for dating. Yet, anyway.

So, why not be one of the first to take the all-important follow-up text to the next level?

Imagine your date tells you their favourite place to pick up their morning coffee is Friska. You remember and send them one to collect the morning after your date?


Or if they goes on about how great the espresso martinis at Be at One are so you send them one when you know they’re next out with their mates?

Lothario of the highest order.

huggg isn’t just a messaging app, you see. If you use it wisely, it’s a relationship facilitator. A key to improved friendships, love lives and everything in between. It’s a way to avoid awkward chat over text message and get to the root of what you’re trying to say - be it ‘I’m thinking of you’, ‘I had a good time’ or simply just ‘hello’ - with everyone's favourite pastime: food. 

Although people love huggg for sending pick me ups, not many have cottoned on to its ability to secure that second date yet, so why not be the first to impress with a morning after huggg?

Just make sure you actually take their number, otherwise, you’re screwed.


Currently available in Bristol and Bath only

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