We'll probably do another one of these come Valentine's Day, but do read on regardless...


It's November.

The weather has turned a deeper shade of freezing.

Weekends are now spent huddled under duvets, avoiding plans and binge-watching [insert Netflix series of choice here].

We've folded away our summer clobber in exchange for slipper socks, matching pyjamas, bobble hats and thermal vests.

We proclaim that, 'Humans weren't designed to survive such stark conditions!' and convince ourselves it's no longer safe to go outside.

But winter doesn't have to be as bleak as you once thought.

Well, not with huggg, anyway. 

Here's why the time is now to download our huggg app and get started. 

1. We provide the goodies

As soon as the temperature drops, it's safe to say we all up the food ante. Cheese, chocolate, sprouts and puddings - you name it, we're eating it. So, at a time where most humans are craving something warm to fill their bellies, we provide a way for you to give the people what they want.

Be it a Byron hamburger, Be at One cocktail or Friska coffee - we've got all the treats. Plus, festive menus at most of our brand partner sites? Hullo! 

2. You can spread festive joy from your sofa

Between Christmas parties, shopping for gifts and keeping our 9-5s afloat on many a mulled wine hangover, this time of year is hectic (to say the least) and any moment we're able to steal for some time spent on the sofa is a blessing. Luckily, with huggg, you can treat your nearest and dearest without having to leave the house.

Can't make Christmas drinks? Send them a bottle of prosecco to get the party started. Made a mockery of themselves at the office party? Send them a bacon sarnie to ease the pain. There really are a thousand reasons to send a huggg, especially at Christmas time. 

3. We've got something up our Santa suit sleeves... 

Yup, that's right, only a few more weeks until Christmas, and that means one thing: cheese! Sorry, we meant to say goodwill. 


Truth is, our little app couldn't be better suited to the season of giving. Providing a way for you to send warming lunchtime treats or after work drinks to your pals all year round, we've found a way to extend the hand of huggging to those who need it most over the festive period. Stay tuned for our yuletide plans. We think you're going to love them.

For now, though, keep your friends warm with festive Friska hot drinks, Be at One Christmas cocktails and Byron Cheesemas burgers galore! 


Download the huggg app