And we thought you might like to know why


Right from the very beginning, huggg has been about the act of giving.

About encouraging small acts of kindness that can make someone’s day a little brighter or their shoulders feel a little lighter.

And with technology making everything - from heating our homes to finding the perfect spouse much easier, we decided that we’d like to make spreading kindness a little more convenient, too. 

And what better place to start than by huggging those who could use it most?

Yep, that's right. For one afternoon a week throughout December, we’ll be hitting the streets, shelters, hospitals and care homes of Bristol to give the hot drinks you've huggged forward to those who could use them.

Getting involved is easy.

All you have to do is send a Friska hot drink huggg to a friend before the end of December, and we’ll deliver another cup of feel good into the hands of someone who needs it most.

It really is that simple.

There are lots of humans in Bristol who could use a little extra warmth this winter and we’ve found a way to deliver it to them.

Download the app, send a Friska hot drink huggg to a friend, and for every one sent in December, we’ll deliver another to someone who needs it most. 


#hugggitforward #sayitwithhuggg


We'll be keeping you up to date with our efforts to huggg it forward this Christmas, so make sure you follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop.

Please note: Team huggg will be making donations to selected charities this Christmas, in addition to our 'huggg it forward' initiative. This initiative was created simply to spread a little more hands-on joy and kindness around our wonderful city this Christmas!